If your group wishes to rent the Aptos Grange Hall for a meeting or gathering follow these steps:

1) Print out the APPLICATION and fill it out completely and clearly.  If we can't read it we can't respond to it. 

2) Submit the Application via email To: info@AptosGrange.org 

3) The Application should be submitted about 60 days prior to the date you are interested in holding your gathering.  

NOTE:  You will be required to provide a certificate of Liability insurance for one million dollars with the Aptos Grange named as "additionally insured". 

Can I rent the Aptos Grange Hall ?

Due to some "Bad Actors" in the community,  The Aptos Grange Hall has  curtailed the rental policy of allowing the general public to rent the Grange hall.

831-688-3974  always un-staffed, leave a message

For faster response, send an email.

2555 Mar Vista Drive, Aptos, CA
  • The Aptos Grange will no longer rent the hall for a party or receptions. 

  • The Aptos Grange will not rent the hall for community protests or similar rallies.  

  • The Aptos Grange may rent the hall for private educational classes or club meetings such as the Gardeners club; Fishermen's club, youth groups etc.   

Aptos Grange